Who Attends?


College Students
The Institute receives students from colleges around the country who desire to focus on practical skills in addition to continuing their academic pursuits.   

Emerging Young Leaders
The Institute welcomes recent High School grads who desire to develop a Christian worldview while equipping them with leadership skills to help impact their generation.

International Leadership Students
The Institute receives qualified candidates from other countries to go through its training each year.

Youth Ministry College Majors and Minors
The Global Institute for Youth Leadership works in cooperation with
Christian colleges and universities to provide quality educational
opportunities for students who desire to become involved in
professional youth work as a career choice.

Youth Ministers
Youth Ministry in the United States is still a young profession.  The 
Institute desires to provide continuing education for youth ministers who are already in full-time and part-time positions.  The Institute offers both semester-long and short-term courses. 

Candidates for the Youth Mentors Abroad Program
The Institute provides training for those who desire to work with youth abroad for two years or more through the mission-sending arm of Global Youth Ministry. The mentoring program prepares these mentor candidates, most often during their college years.  The 2-year overseas experience is best suited for those who have finished their college education.  Some exceptions are granted. 

Seminary Students
Seminary credit has been arranged for Institute graduates who desire to spend a year abroad mentoring youth leaders as part of their seminary training. These seminary students will be assigned a seminary supervisor in cooperation with the Institute while they serve abroad.