The Institute is definitely not limited to an academic study program!  While you are with us for at least a year, you will be stretched and challenged to develop in character as well as competencies.  We hope that during your time at the Institute you will:

  • Meet and make friends with some of the most outstanding student leaders in the United States and around the world, as well as an exceptional faculty and staff.
  • Make important decisions about your life calling in an unparalled setting of natural beauty and Christian fellowship.
  • Develop life skills that will advance you in whatever career field you choose.

For more information contact our Office.  The youth of the nations need you!  Our choice is whether or not to become part of the solution. We must act quickly and decisively to reach this generation. Will you help us? You can contact the Institute by phone if you have questions at 800-251-1800, or email us at

At the Institute, students live in dorm-style housing with other Christian students.  A combination of both classroom and practical training experiences will be utilized to develop youth leaders.

A weekday at the Institute looks like this:

Participants receive classroom training each morning after morning devotions and breakfast. Four courses are offered on a Monday/Tuesday format and a Wednesday/Thursday format, with two class periods each morning, as well a a meeting time on Friday mornings.  Training faculty includes both Institute staff and some of the finest and most experienced youth professionals in the world who will be our guest professors.  

Each afternoon students will take the Mentorship course.  This course is a practical experience-oriented course in which students will gain insights and training in a particular aspect of youth ministry, such as video production, outdoor recreation, drama and set design, tech, youth ministry administration, computer skills, web management, marketing, teaching, etc.

Evenings are also part of the program.  Monday evenings are Team Nights, in which a combination of discipleship, sharing, and team building activities are included.  Wednesday and Sunday evenings will be spent in various church youth activities with local churches. 

Weekends are an exciting part of the weekly program at the Institute.  Students will be able to participate in a variety of confidence and competence-building experiences including the following:

  • Camping & Survival training in orienteering/GPS, rescue techniques, etc.
  • Camping
  • Youth Ministry observation weekends in exceptional churches & ministries

 The Mentoring Opportunity

Also, students will be given the opportunity through the mentorship program to work with local churches and ministry organizations.  The  Institute participates in youth events which provide students with opportunities to minister with hundreds of students in weekend conferences as team leaders, dramatists, tech staff, recreation leaders, video producers, and more.  For students whose mentorship involves the local church or ministry organizations, Sundays and Wednesday evenings will be spent in youth activities.  These activities allow students to work with church leaders and other youth professionals to gain insight into the behind-the-scenes work of youth leaders.