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Scholarships and Financial Aid

The cost of your college education inevitably rests upon you, the student, and your family.  The Global Institute for Youth Leadership attempts to direct and assist students and their families financial aid resources based upon their eligibility, the institutions to and from which they may be transferring, and other criteria.

Scholarship Assistance is Provided through the Intern Program of Global Youth Ministry!

We strive to help make your education more affordable by offering our services to assist you in your planning for your academic experience here.  For this reason we have provided a means for students who spend at least one year with the Institute to receive significant scholarship aid, up to 40% OFF of the normal Institute cost!  Our Intern program offers a scholarship for students who serve in various departments of Global Youth Ministry during their time with us. 

Not only will their service help them financially, it will also enable them to gain very valuable practical experience while building their resume!  Intern work hours are carefully monitored to help students maintain academic excellence.   

Application for Financial Aid through Partner Universities

The Global Institute for Youth Leadership works in close cooperation with Anderson University and other institutions to provide college credit for interested students.  Policies which control these universities generally also apply to the Institute in all matters which relate to both institutions. 

If a student intends to transfer to a University after the Institute, we direct the student to the appropriate department of our partner university to apply to that institution for student aid, loans, etc., there. 

When a student transfers into the Institute from another university but intends to return to that institution after studying at the Institute, we suggest that the student seek financial aid first from that university. 

In all cases, we encourage students investigate the possibilities at their disposal through their hometown bank, church student scholarship assistance, and other means available to them locally.