Financial Info


While the Institute provides up to 15 hours of recommended academic credit per semester, it is not an independently accredited program. Students may receive credit from universities who work in partnership with the Institute, either toward a Youth Ministry major or minor or as transfer credits for those who are considered non-degree seeking students with our partner university. Transfer students with partner universities may also receive credit from their home institution, dependent upon their school's transfer credit policies. If you are ready to begin the application process you can have the forms mailed to you. Complete the form on the contact us page and let us know how you would like it sent!



The Institute specializes in mentoring young men and women in leadership and life purpose.  We offer an exciting one-year program that provides academic credit and also practical skills for interns, while participating in one of Global's ministry departments.

  • Administration/Facility (management/food services/Inn operations/maintenance/marketing)
  • Events (camps & conferences worship/tech/drama/speaking/recreation)
  • Media (video/tech/computers/production/graphics/internet)
  • Missions (Global Youth Leaders/mission projects/youth mentors abroad)
  • Student Services (spiritual life/intramurals/student trips/residence life/activities)

Students have the opportunity to serve with Global Youth Ministry and add to their resume while attending classes on campus.  The cost of this program is considerably less than the academic-only program.  Intern scholarships up to 40% are available. Please contact us for more information regarding the One-Year Internship!
For students who enroll through a partnering university, there is an additional $100 fee that is paid upon arrival at the Institute.  If you are a student receiving academic credit from your home institution, you may arrange to pay your remaining tuition, partial room and board costs by continuing to pay your home institution directly. The Institute will invoice your school to receive payment for you.  If you are not receiving academic credit from a partnering university, you will pay the Institute directly. We will bill you at your permanent home address. Tuition payment is due in full at the beginning of each semester.
To apply for admission to the Institute, simply download and print our application.
After completing the application, please mail it to:
Global Institute for Youth Leadership
40 Blackhawk Tr.
Chatsworth, GA 30705
A completed application with fee secures your place in the application process.  Send yours in today!
·         Official transcripts (from all colleges attended)
·         Application fee of $50 (Please make check payable to “Institute for Global Youth Studies”).